"This very funny, thoroughly integrated, well-acted, imaginatively staged musical writtten and directed by William Electric Black...takes a detour from the serious dramas centering on urban gun violence he’s known for. No, he hasn’t abandoned racial issues, here he embeds them in music and humor with a minimalist touch....'Betty & The Belrays' succeeds in seamlessly combining social commentary with music, dance, and fine acting. First performed in 2007, with a few rewrites here and there, it would do well on Broadway." -- Ernece Kelly, NEW YORK BEACON

"It’s a wonderful, important show full of heart that’s suitable for the whole family, especially during a time when the themes of racism, allyship and standing up for what is right are so relevant." -- Sheila Watko, THEATER PIZZAZZ

"I heartily recommend this musical. It’s full of pleasant surprises as it prompts one to think." -- Elizabeth Ann Foster, FRONT ROW CENTER

"The Angry Redheaded Lawyer is back and decided this show was a must see along with a great foray back into the world of critical review. It turns out I was exactly right....The set dress, costuming, songs and actors were awesome.... The show itself balances the social commentary with great musical numbers." -- Monica Trombley, THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF THE ANGRY REDHEADED LAWYER


Betty & The Belrays greet fans. Left : Paulina Breeze (Betty), Alex Welch, Kalia Lay. Right: Christen Dekie, Brenna Sheridan Brown, Lydia Stinton.

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Photos by Jonathan Slaff